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5 Favourite Makeup Looks For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, have you started planning your costume yet? Even if you aren’t feeling in the mood for this fun little “holiday” yet, you’ll find inspiration in our favourite makeup looks – from pretty to pretty deadly, they’re perfect for a party or just paling around with your friends!

Day Of The Dead 

One of the most popular tutorials for Halloween, Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos makeup is a beautiful tribute to the ancient Mexican tradition of honouring deceased loved ones. On their return to earth from heaven to reunite with their families for 24 hours.  The Day of the Dead actually falls across two days, November 1 and 2 – the first is dedicated to Dia De Los Inocentes, a day to honour children and infants, while November 2 is Dia De Los Muertos, a day to honour deceased adults 

Simple or complex, replicating the traditional sugar skull always cuts a striking figure. Check out this simple tutorial by Brook Marrs on YouTube.


Thanks to movies like World War Z and television shows like the Walking Dead, hideous zombies have become en vogue. Whether you opt for straight up gross or zombify a pin-up girl (because even decaying flesh can be sexy) the possibilities are endless, and it’s also a great practice for your skills.

Pop Art

This iconic work is instantly recognizable, even if you don’t know the name of the artist behind it. Roy Lichtenstein rose to popularity in the 1960s with his unique style of art that was heavily influenced by the comic strips and ads of the day. The dark lines, bright colours and pointillism create a stunning 3D look that seriously pops. Inspired? Take a look at this tutorial by beauty vlogger Emma Pickles.

Disney Princesses

Jasmine, Ariel, Elsa, Snow White – you don’t have to be a little girl to understand the appeal of a princess. Channel your inner 7 year old with simple makeup and a sparkly, because this is probably the only time you can wear a ball gown and not look a little bit crazy.

Retro Hollywood Glamour

Starlets of yesterday always looked immaculate with their bright red pouts and flawless complexions. We love this look because it’s simple but striking, especially when paired with a flowing, form fitting dress and a killer heel.

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