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Have you ever wondered what’s involved in transforming a celebrity into a terrifying zombie or how movie stars age 30 years for a feature film? Makeup techniques, like applying bruising details, artificial blood, aging makeup, wrinkle highlights, etc. are performed by professional makeup artists that help the writers, directors and production team bring a story and its characters to life.

By enrolling in makeup diploma courses, you can learn things like the scope of colour, the importance of shadowing and contouring and the difference between shooting an image or a set in black and white or colour. Whether your goal is to work as a film makeup artist collectively with hair and wardrobe departments or as an independent artist, there are a number of typical tasks associated with makeup artistry, including but not limited to:

  • Deciding which clients to work with
  • Deciding on the desired physical outcome with each client
  • Assessing and working within the budget
  • Exploring certain techniques needed to achieve a particular look
  • Ordering products from suppliers and keeping inventory of all materials
  • Ensuring the makeup will prepare the client for each situation such as studio lighting and costume application
  • Ensuring your client has no allergies to any of the products you are using

Beauty Institute Canada’s makeup diploma courses can provide you with the opportunity to learn within a structured environment and practice hands-on with the latest beauty trends and techniques. You will also benefit from training in cosmetic management, product knowledge and application, marketing and sales, and so much more.

Transform your passion for makeup and beauty into an exciting and dynamic career today! Contact Beauty Institute Canada online or call us at 905-674-0100.

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