Career Services

We are here to help you succeed in your job search. Training for Success in Beauty and Health. 

Beauty Institute Canada provides career counseling, job search assistance and employment referral services for all students by individualized counseling and classroom lectures.

Resumes & Cover Letters

We help you perfect your resume and cover letter to best suit the current trends in the beauty and health industry. We assist you with one-on-one counselling to help guide you through job search steps that will result in the desired end result …the actual interview!

Career Counselling

Our Admissions Office provides advice and counselling services to all our prospective, current and graduate students. Please contact our Admissions Office to assist you with program selection, admission requirements, curriculum planning, course changes, financing options, registration and possible career options after graduation.

Employment Assistance

We will help you find the job and career of your dreams in several ways:

  • Employers’ leads and referrals: We will refer you to the employers that are interested in hiring graduate students in the field of your study.
  • We will provide you with many different places to look for job opportunities and job postings and show you the best way to reply to them.

Interview Techniques

We will help prepare you to be the best and only candidate that a prospective employer is looking for. This includes wardrobe selection, how to carry yourself, how you greet the interviewer, how to speak with confidence all the way to how to present yourself as the best candidate.


After you finish your program, you are welcome to come and review our job posting board and ask for an additional assistance needed in your job search.

Some of useful job search links are listed below:

For further information, please fill out our Request Info form or Call us at 905 674.0100