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Carve Yourself A New Career With A Makeup Artist Diploma

Calling All Aspiring Makeup Artists to Apply! 

If you are a makeup enthusiast who stays current on new makeup products, trends and news, seeking a different avenue to pursue your love for makeup, consider a career as a makeup artist. Behind every top model, celebrity, news anchor, and TV personality, there is a highly skilled makeup artist that has groomed, plucked, brushed and polished every inch of the face to enhance or transform their appearance.

Have you perfected the sought-after smoky eyes look? Can you tell which colour of lipstick goes well with one’s complexion? Does character makeup really get you going? If so, you are destined for Beauty Institute Canada. Through our Makeup Artist Diploma program, you will master makeup theory and techniques including but not limited to:

  • How colours work
  • The chemistry between one’s skin, cosmetics and lighting
  • How to layer and set makeup so it lasts all day
  • How to achieve glowing, flawless skin
  • What powders to avoid to prevent flashback during a photoshoot
  • How to match lipstick color with personality
  • Which products to use for oily skin, dry skin, etc.
  • Which tools are used for each application
  • How to manage your own business as a Beauty Specialist

Through our 12-week Makeup Artist Diploma program, you will gain in-depth knowledge of makeup products, tools and practices, as well as extensive hands-on experience working with models and clients. Beauty Institute Canada will provide you with the training and certification to excel in the competitive  makeup field. Choose from designations like Beauty Specialist, Beauty Advisor or Makeup Instructor, to name a few, and work in a number of industries including fashion, theatre, hospitality, special events, and more!

Call Beauty Institute Canada at 905-674-0100 or contact us online to learn more about our Makeup Artist Diploma program.

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