Foundation Application Techniques For Different Skin Types

The unembellished base of the makeup is the foundation. The following are some of the most promising application techniques and tools to fake impeccable skin.

Dry Skin

Since dry skin is likely to have a rough texture, applying concealer or foundation using fingers may end up highlighting dry areas or other rough texture. Also, it is complicated for the skin to soak up the product that can lead to an unnatural appearance. Rather than simply bashing the product around the skin, post moisturizing, makeup sponge or a Beauty Blender should be used. To get the most excellent finish, do not forget to wet and wring out the sponge before applying the foundation into the face.

Remember, to natural-looking makeup, good skincare is always the first step!

Acne-Prone Skin

Between tenderness, unevenness, and redness, a little more awareness is necessitated by the sensitive skin. Full-coverage concealer intended for those spots is the key since you would like to make acne scars and pimples magically fade away for the day. To aim localized areas, the most effective will be making use of the fingers and it will help warm up the product to help melt it into the skin immaculately.

Use a makeup sponge to mix as required.

Oily Skin

Even though getting a foundation that stays behind is vital, the technique it is applied is just as significant. The makeup experts recommend stippling or pressing the foundation on the skin to keep it from moving when it comes to oily skin in particular. Making use of a good foundation and a primer with more of a matte finish will provide the makeup with prolonged existence. Dot the foundation around the face in a round movement using a stipple brush, which helps achieve a matte finish.

A layer of powder should be applied for oiler areas to get rid of glow and avert makeup from slipping all through the day.

Normal Skin

Flat foundation brushes would always be your best friend for a natural finish. Spreading foundation without wasting too much product becomes effortless because of the wider surface area, whereas the fluffier, rounder design of the brushes makes even application a breeze. Always keep in mind that the brush is simply as good as the makeup you are making use of.

Large Pores

Applying the primer initially can help to fake an airbrushed appearance. Then go with a foundation brush that is designed for all-over coverage. You can choose a foundation brush with an angled or tapered tip that hugs the contours of the face and applies foundation with accuracy, even in areas that are a little tricky to reach, such as around the nose where pores can be larger and more high up.

The professional makeup artists recommend applying foundation to primed spots where pores are larger in more of a tapping motion so the product is deposited on top of the primer. Make use of translucent powder to finish it off.

All-Over Redness

There are a couple of ways that can help to correct the redness, but the key is to begin with the right tool. A high-grade synthetic fibre, such as Taklon over animal hair, is recommended by the makeup specialists. It is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic as a result of the non-porous fibres. Oil and dirt are trapped in animal hair that can create a breeding ground for bacteria, which can further make sensitive skin worse.

Do you wish to pursue your career in the field of beauty and makeup? The Beauty Institute Canada offers diploma courses that are designed by the industry experts. You can pursue a “Makeup Artist Diploma” that will help you to enter this field of rewarding opportunities.

Simply give us a call at 905 674 0100 to discover more about our beauty and makeup courses!

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Pro Makeup Hacks For Cheeks, Eyes & Lips

There are a lot of useful beauty secrets, tricks, and tips that can simply take your game to the next level. Makeup artists dedicate their life’s work to perfecting the craft, but it even seems like they are blessed with a little makeup magic. But, is it really magic, or is it just some insider information? Most likely a little bit of both – but we are rolling back the curtain on some pro makeup hacks for cheeks, eyes, and lips.


  • Before applying foundation, add your favourite blush to the cheeks for a glow that looks like it is coming from under the skin. For any complexion, a bright, warm pink at the apple is great.
  • Halloween is an ideal time to stock up some unanticipated essentials. Fake blood is the perfect blush shade. Add it to the apple of the cheek for any skin tone – it looks like a natural flush of colour coming through the skin.
  • When you need your blush to stay put for hours to end, layer a gel formula under a bronzer or powder.
  • For an ideal flush of youth, two hues of blush should be applied. Pink, or anything in the red family, should be placed on the apple of the cheek to give the effect of blood coming to the surface. Coral, peach, or anything in the orange family should be applied to the highest point of the cheekbone; that gives the effect of heat rising. Finish by bringing a matte bronzer to the skin where the sun hits the face (chin, bridge of nose, cheekbone, and forehead).


  • To make the lip colour more vibrant and to neutralize the lip tone, dab a colour corrector.
  • Pull the bottom lip down and look at the inside colour. Choose a lipstick shade that is either lighter or a little deeper but along the same tone as the inside of the lip.
  • To outline the lips along with the Cupid’s bow, flesh-toned eyeliner should be used. This cuts the possibility of feathering and makes lips appear fuller.
  • If you would like to find an ideal red for your complexion, try applying one lip colour that has the same undertone as your complexion all over the lip: Warm uses warm and cool uses cool. Apply a red with the opposite tone simply to the center for a lip that looks fantastic.


  • To create a guide for an ideal cat-eye flick, mascara must be applied before liquid liner.
  • A few drops of saline solution to the tube must be added and swirled the brush around to extend the mascara life.
  • Popping eye lotion in the icebox and applying to lids before eye makeup helps to lessen puffiness.
  • The handle of a brush must be used to lift the eyelid at the base of the lashes to roll the lashes up and back. It lets you wiggle the mascara wand against the base of the lashes.

To explore more about makeup hacks, you can always get enrolled in certificate programs available at Beauty Institute Canada. Give a call at 905-674-0100 to get enrolled today!

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Brilliant Blush Hacks – An Ultimate Guide

Of the entire spectrum of wonderful beauty products available worldwide, blush might be neglected as an add-on, which is a Rookie mistake according to the makeup experts. The complexion can be made to look healthier simply with a few swipes of blush, and make your skin look more youthful. A wonderful glow is added to the skin that highlighter and bronzer simply cannot mimic. However, blush can be amongst the most perplexing makeup products to use. It is not as straightforward as a swirl on the cheeks.

This is an ultimate guide to brilliant blush hacks that have been created under the guidance of makeup experts at Beauty Institute Canada to help you make this super flattering product work for your lifestyle, skin tone, and face shape.

Get your skin prepared the right way

Begin with washing and moisturizing the face to make the blush blend into the skin and stay the entire day. You need to keep the skin healthy, exfoliated, clean, and supple to let makeup blend in beautifully and last longer since dry or oily skin does not help makeup as well. Begin preparing the skin using a makeup primer to give a no-slip canvas to make blush last even longer.

Choose a shade that works wonders with your skin tone

You need to select the right shade to flatter complexion since blush is not a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Something too bright or too dark can age you rather than giving that youthful, warm glow. Selecting something that is close to your natural flush is the key and pinching cheeks is the most promising approach to figure out what that is.

Get the right blush formula for your skin type

Choosing the right blush is about more than just the shade, you need to stumble on an ideal formula, as well. There are essentially three kinds of blushes: stains, creams, and powders.

  1. For Dry Skin – Choose powder formulas. It is the best for gliding over pores for a smudging effect and regardless of popular belief, creams and stains are not so wonderful for dry skin. When dry, they can crack, which worsens the look of dryness.
  2. For Oily Skin – Choose stain formulas. Stains last for ages and look dewy, even though you have a tendency to have oil-prone skin or sweat. Just apply a bit at a time. It is hard to blend out once it sets into the skin.
  3. For Combination or Normal Skin – Choose creamy formulas. They are known for lasting longer. Cream blush is simple to use for the majority of skin types, and they’re available in a wide range of colours. Your skin will surely get a fresh, youthful look.

Choose the right blush brush

According to the experts, makeup will just look as good as the tools you apply it with and investing in a good blush brush is always worth it. It is supposed to be soft, vegan or natural hair, dense, and effortlessly be capable of spreading the colour. A tightly packed brush can pick up the product in excess and overload the face, however, a loose brush picks up less product while still offering a pretty colour payoff that is strong enough to make a difference.

At Beauty Institute Canada, we have a variety of makeup programs that you can choose from and pursue a wonderful career as a makeup artist. However, we also offer several certificate courses for the ones who are already engaged in this field. Regardless of the program you opt for, we can prepare you for the health and beauty industry.

Feel free to give us a call at 905-674-0100 to discover more regarding our certificate courses or diplomas or makeup, skincare, and beauty workshops!

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Add Vibrancy To Your Career – New Or Old – At The Best Beauty School In Toronto (Pickering)

A career in the beauty industry can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Aestheticians contribute to the self-esteem and well being of the clients, while getting the chance to learn, test, and innovate creative new techniques for makeup and skincare. At Beauty Institute Canada, our beauty diploma courses offer engaging ways for students looking to establish or enhance their career in the beauty industry. For individuals looking for a second career, attending our beauty school is a wonderful way to get certified in an industry that is exciting and people focused.

Beauty Institute Canada Offers a Wide Range of Engaging Training Courses

We’re passionate about teaching you the latest flawless looks and scientifically backed beauty routines. Beauty Institute Canada offers a range of programs, skincare training, makeup certificate courses, and beauty diploma courses:

  • Diploma Programs – Beauty diploma courses are great ways to prepare yourself for the most in-demand services in the industry. We offer fully certified diploma-granting courses for Laser Technicians, Makeup Artists, and Medical Aesthetics. These programs are extremely thorough and, therefore, can take anywhere from 12 to 41 weeks to complete. 
  • Certificate Courses – Our certificate courses are incredibly varied, ranging from theory-based laser training, to hands-on classes in airbrushing, pedicures, waxing, hot stone massage, and many other techniques. Certificate courses are shorter than our diploma programs, allowing students to drop into the specific classes to brush up on their skills. Having an up-to-date certificate can also make newer clients more likely to seek you out for your services, so we recommend our Certificate Courses to established beauty professionals as well as newcomers. 
  • Workshops – Skincare training courses and makeup training courses from Beauty Institute Canada are also available in Toronto through our workshops. These drop-in classes are an easy way to check out a skill you’ve been meaning to explore, or to learn from our top-notch instructors without committing too much of your time. 

Students are guaranteed small class sizes, meaning you will get individualized attention from our instructors. We make the theory and technical applications of beauty treatments accessible to all our students, with the genuine hope that our students enjoy their time in the classroom. 

Reach out to our beauty school in Toronto (Pickering) at 905-674-0100 to learn more about our skincare and makeup workshops, certificate courses, or diploma programs today. We are happy to connect with you online or meet you in person if you book a school tour to take a look at our facilities, our other programs, and the application process.  

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Discover The World Of Airbrush Make-up

Take an Airbrush Make-up Training Workshop at Beauty Institute Canada

When it comes to makeup, you want the best of the best. For special occasions like weddings, your make-up application should not only look flawless in photos but also last through an entire day of crying happy tears. Airbrush make-up began as a red carpet technique where foundation is sprayed directly onto the skin using an airbrush gun to create a smooth finish. Since its introduction, airbrushing has been the most popular choice for brides and women who want perfect looking skin. 

At Beauty Institute Canada, we offer various diploma programs, certificate courses and workshops. Our workshops, like our airbrush make-up class, are designed for students who are interested in adding additional skills to their resumé. 

What You Need to Know About Airbrush Make-up Application

If you want to begin your training with airbrush make-up at our workshop, here are a few basic things you need to know about airbrushing and what to expect from our course: 

  • What are the benefits of airbrushing? – There are several advantages of using airbrush make-up over traditional make-up application methods. Firstly, airbrushing offers a faster and more hygienic way of applying make-up. It also offers a lightweight finish with extremely long-lasting and full-coverage results.   
  • How do you prepare for airbrushing? – Before airbrushing, you will achieve the best result by making sure skin is clean and moisturized. If your skin is too dry, airbrush make-up can look flaky once it is applied. Avoid applying a make-up primer over your moisturizer or the airbrush make-up will stick to it instead of your skin and won’t have the same long-lasting effect it is known for. 
  • What skin type is best for airbrushing? – Airbrush make-up is best for individuals with hydrated skin. Since the make-up is light, it may not hide imperfections like scars and pimples as well as traditional make-up foundations. However, airbrush make-up is buildable and only requires a little product to achieve smooth, maximum coverage.
  • What will you learn in our workshop? – Our airbrush make-up workshop is designed to perfect your make-up application skills and teach you how to use the tools, learn how to match skin colour to foundation, highlight, contour and much more. Experiment with a range of products in a supportive and creative learning environment.

We understand that not all methods of make-up application are suitable for every person. That’s why it’s important to experiment with both traditional make-up and airbrush make-up methods to see what works and what doesn’t. Fortunately, the Beauty Institute Canada offers workshops in a number of different specialties to help clients look and feel their best. If you want to add to your existing skill set or simply don’t have time to take a full course, you will benefit from our flexible workshop schedule. Depending on your area of interest, courses can range from 2-4 hours and equip you with everything you need to give your beauty career that extra edge.  

Call us at 905-674-0100 or write to us for more information about any of our beauty, skincare and makeup workshops, certificate courses or diplomas. You can also apply online to enrol in the Makeup Artist Diploma program at our Canadian beauty school located in Toronto.

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Top 10 Beauty Trends For Spring/ Summer 2019 -listed By Toronto’s Leading Beauty School

Passionate about making other women look their best? Love to experiment with new makeup techniques on yourself? Follow Instagram trendsetters and collect beauty magazines to know the latest trends in beauty and makeup? Whether you dream of becoming a professional makeup artist, or simply want to hone your makeup application skills, Beauty Institute Canada can help. As Toronto’s leading beauty school, we offer a range of diploma programscertificate courses and workshops that address diverse learning goals.

  1. Color Popping Eyeliners: Invest in tinted eyeliners and mascaras in navy blue, frosty green, neon pink, electric orange, red or bronze. These are easy to apply and bold enough to make an impact.
  2. Neon Lips: Use bright, bold shades of red, orange, pink and purple for statement lips that are a hot favorite of many top fashionistas this season.
  3. Monochromatic Makeup: Whether you pick a taupe or a purple, it is all about using the same color family for the lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow and more. Create your own fifty shades for a beautiful, monochromatic makeup.
  4. Multi-masking Foundation: While the glowing, luminous look is always on-trend, it may not suit all skin types. Through multi-masking, you can use a matte foundation for an oily T-zone, and stick to a glowy version for the cheeks to achieve the same radiant look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different foundations; just make sure you blend well!
  5. Logos and Color Blocks: From Tommy Hilfiger’s flag, to Versace’s Greek key borders, give your nails a graphic twist with recognizable hallmarks. Another fashion forward style is color blocking. Paint half and half, or change up the proportion to a French tip, using unconventional color combinations for chic-looking nails.
  6. Handsome Brows: Concealing around the outside of the brows is passé. Instead, take a glue stick and a toothbrush, and use a spoolie to brush up the hairs for a handsome brow.
  7. Oh-So-School Hairstyles: From scrunchy-tied or slicked back ponytails, to pretty braids and bows, the cool, back-to-school hairstyles are in. (Way ahead of back-to-school season of course!)
  8. Rainbow Eyeshadows: Spring and summer are no fun without some bold makeup moves. Place all the eye shades you like in concentrated areas on your eyelid and blend them with a fluffy brush. This look, called rainbow-dusted-eyes, is so simple to create, but looks like an intricate work of art.
  9. Bronzer the Better: Replace your blush and highlighter with the bronzer, and get a 70s-style, sun-kissed skin look without actually contouring. Try placing the bronzer along your cheekbones, instead of beneath.
  10. Braid it all the way: Braids were the favored hairstyle on many popular runway shows earlier this year. Add a fancy twist to yours with some floral adornments or ropes.


From 2 to 4-hour workshops and 1 to 4-day certificate courses, to a full-fledged 12-week long diploma, you can choose from a variety of makeup training programs at Beauty Institute Canada. Enrol for the course that caters to your requirements, and acquire the knowledge and skills that help you achieve your beauty and makeup goals. Enjoy several benefits, such as a friendly, multicultural learning environment, hands-on training, flexible payment plans, job search assistance and more.

Call us at 905-674-0100 or write to us for more information about any of our workshops, certificate courses or diplomas. You can also apply online to enrol in our Makeup Artist Diploma program.

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Learn Makeup Techniques For Mature Women At Our Beauty School In Toronto

Whether you believe age is just a number, or you constantly worry about turning older, makeup could be your best friend forever. The art of looking and feeling your best at any age, makeup is an empowering game-changer, especially for mature women.

At Beauty Institute Canada, we help you to master age-appropriate makeup to achieve a flawless look and youthful glow, no matter how old you are! As Toronto’s top beauty school, our makeup training workshops and certificate courses focus on honing your makeup application skills, and familiarizing you with the latest makeup tools and products.

8 Essential Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

From your 30s to 40s, to 50s and onwards, the drastic changes in your skin may have an impact on your facial features and overall appearance. However, there is no need to stress about crow’s feet and laugh lines. Instead, relax and embrace your aging process and let makeup do its magic.

Here are some techniques that will help mature women put their best face forward. 

  1. Prep Your Face Well: Use a hydrating moisturizer followed by a primer for a flawless look. A good quality primer will even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines, large pores and wrinkles.
  2. Blending is Key: Stick to a lightweight foundation or BB cream and blend it really well for the right amount of coverage.
  3. It’s Easy to Hide Imperfections: Cover up age spots or dark circles by applying a concealer on top of the foundation.
  4. Lift Your Features: Dab a cream-based blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards along the cheekbones. This will instantly add a youthful, radiance to your face.
  5. Flawless Lip Definition: Apply a little concealer around your mouth and define your lips with a pencil lip liner. This will prevent your lip color from feathering or bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth.
  6. Fix your Brows: With age, your brows may become sparse and lose shape. Use a brow pencil to add some color and brush them up. Neatly defined, textured brows can bring your whole look together and take years off your face.
  7. Avoid Dark and Glittery: For saggy-skin eyelids, steer clear of sparkly eyeshadows or very dark shades as their light-reflecting quality may draw attention to your lines and wrinkles. Similarly, for your lips, try to stick to lighter shades as they give a fuller, poutier appearance. Opt for products with a matte or soft sheen finish.
  8. Ditch the Liquid: Liquid lip liners and eye liners tend to look too heavy on mature skin and are more likely to feather into the fine lines around your eyes or lips. Choose creamy pencil liners that offer better definition and add softness to your face.

Are you interested in becoming a professional makeup artist, specializing in makeup for mature women? Enrol in our 12-week long Makeup Artist Diploma to acquire in-depth knowledge and comprehensive skills that are essential for success in this profession. Get hands-on training from industry-experienced instructors, in a safe, enjoyable, multicultural environment, and let your talent shine.

Call Beauty Institute Canada at 905-674-0100 today. You can also contact us online or book a school tour to explore our facilities and learn more about our programs and application process.

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Stop Waiting – Earn Your Beauty Diploma Today – Enroll In A Diploma Program At Our Toronto Beauty School

Are you interested in discovering a new, exciting and rewarding career in the beauty industry? Now is the time to enroll at the Beauty Institute Canada and earn your diploma at the top beauty school in Toronto. Our diploma courses offer students an up-to-date curriculum and hands-on training with real clients to help you fulfill practical requirements and kick start your professional life outside of our program.

There are several reasons for earning a diploma in cosmetology. Our Beauty School provides short programs, a safe space for you to experiment with creativity, a flexible career, and many opportunities for growth. If you’re ready to take the next educational step, here are a few reasons why you should consider joining us today:

  • Short program duration
  • Learn real-world business skills
  • Gain exposure to several career choices
  • Work with like-minded people
  • Make a positive difference in your clients’ lives

Discover Our Diploma Programs

At our beauty school, we offer three distinct yet comprehensive diploma programs. Choose to study and train with us where you can earn a Laser Technician DiplomaMakeup Artist Diploma, or Medical Aesthetics Diploma. Read below to learn more information about each program:

  • LASER TECHNICIAN DIPLOMA: As a laser technician, it is your responsibility to enhance the physical appearances of your clients by using facial treatments and a variety of laser and light therapies. Graduates who complete our 420-hour program will be qualified to work as Laser Technicians, Sales or Product Representatives, Owner of a Spa and Salon, and more.
  • MAKEUP ARTIST DIPLOMA: In only 12 short weeks (360 hours), you will learn the various methods and techniques that are needed to become a Makeup Artist. You will find several employment opportunities following graduation and have the opportunity to work in many job environments including spas, stage theatres, magazine companies, film and television, and much more.
  • MEDICAL AESTHETICS DIPLOMA: As one of our more intensive programs, graduates will be able to provide clients with facial and body treatments to improve their health and physical appearance. Skin analysis and care, manicures, pedicures, and waxing are just a few of the services you will learn about. Our Medical Aesthetics diploma is a 41-week (1230 hour) program.


Change your life and help others transform theirs when you earn your beauty diploma. As a beauty school graduate, you have an incredible opportunity to grow as an artist and individual. Whether you enroll in one of our diploma programs, certificate courses, or workshops, the Beauty Institute Canada is committed to providing students with a superior education thanks to our qualified instructors, modern equipment, practical training, and real-world exposure. Upon graduation, we guarantee that our students will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a highly competitive beauty and health market.

Call 905-674-0100 today or visit us online to earn your beauty diploma or to learn more about our no-obligation school tours and diploma programs.

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What Is The Job Of A Makeup Artist? Find Out At Toronto’s Top Beauty School

Are you looking for creative freedom? Do you want to make a positive difference in people’s lives? If so, consider becoming a Makeup Artist. As a Makeup Artist, you have the opportunity to flex your creativity in a variety of different fields. You may find work on film sets, in high fashion, or with everyday clients at a salon. In order to become a professional makeup artist, you must first, successfully complete a cosmetology program.

At the Beauty Institute Canada, we offer one of the best Makeup Artist Diploma programs in Toronto. Here, you will obtain the necessary skills that can ultimately lead you into a long-term and successful career as a Makeup Artist. What are you waiting for? If you are considering a future in makeup artistry, enrol in our diploma program today to begin your formal training.

An Overview of Our Makeup Artist Diploma Program

So, you’ve decided you want to become a Makeup Artist. What’s next? The first step is to find a suitable program so you can be eligible to work as a qualified Makeup Artist. Learn new techniques and methods that will help you succeed as a Makeup Artist from our 12-week program.

Continue reading below for a brief overview of our Makeup Artist Diploma Program: 

  • What to Expect: Our friendly and experienced instructors will guide you through a specialized curriculum that covers all aspects of the beauty industry. In addition to our introduction to Makeup Artistry, you will also learn about colour theory, skin types, face shapes, makeup techniques, business management, and more. The program is designed to provide both classroom training and practical experience.
  • Career Opportunities: As a Makeup Artist, you may find several employment opportunities in a number of job environments. Depending on the industry you are in, you may work independently or within a team to create stunning looks. Makeup artistry can lead you to find employment at a spa, weddings, magazines, theatre, and more.
  • Why Choose Beauty Institute Canada: When you enroll in our Makeup Artist Diploma program, you will receive thorough training and complete support, beginning the moment you tour our college. Our priority is to help you succeed in your studies and in the application of techniques. From choosing the right program to finding employment, we are with you every step of the way.

Find Your Choice of Diploma or Certificate Course at the Beauty Institute Canada

There is more to makeup artistry than simply applying makeup. Makeup artists have a lot of responsibility and must also possess a technical understanding of factors such as lighting and photography in order to achieve the best results possible. Our Makeup Artist Diploma program covers all these areas and more, so, you can successfully adapt to the needs of real-world clients. At the Beauty Institute Canada, you can also explore our Medical Aesthetics Diploma and Laser Technician Diploma programs, along with several certificate courses to help expand your knowledge and further your career.

Contact us online or call 905-674-0100 today for more information about any of our diploma and certificate courses. You can also apply online to enrol in our Makeup Artist Diploma program.

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Makeup Courses For Beginners At The Top Beauty School In Toronto

At the Beauty Institute Canada, we offer a variety of programs that will help you develop your interest and turn your skills into a successful career. In a matter of weeks, you will receive your Medical AestheticsLaser Technician, or Makeup Artist Diploma while learning from some of the best professionals in the industry. For students who are interested in adding to their existing skills, we also offer workshops and Non-Vocational Certificate courses.

We understand that starting anything new can seem like a daunting task. Nevertheless, don’t allow your initial doubt to stop you from fulfilling your dreams as a professional makeup artist. You will discover that our makeup courses are extremely suitable for all types of students including beginners. You will be given the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the beauty industry within a safe learning environment, through practical experience. Be on your way to an exciting career and register for one of our programs at our beauty school in Toronto today.

What to Expect on Your Way to Receiving a Makeup Artist Diploma

If you have ever thought about turning your makeup application talent into a serious career, you have come to the right place. Here are a few things you will learn as a student on your way to earning your Makeup Artist Diploma:

  • Introduction to Makeup Artistry: We begin our program by going back to where it all began. You will learn about the history and evolution of makeup to deepen your understanding about the choices you make as an artist today. You will know how to prepare the skin for the best makeup applications, learn about safe workplace practices, effective communication, maintaining a professional image, and more.
  • Colour Theory: If you want to become a successful makeup artist, you must first learn to use different tools and products. It is also extremely important to understand the colour wheel, choose the right shades and application for features on different faces.
  • Assessing Skin Types and Face Shapes: You will be given the opportunity to create your own styles from face charts and models while learning about the different mediums used for film, television, photography, and more.
  • Makeup Techniques: Explore eras down the ages and discover how you can update period styles for the present day. Additionally, you will learn about makeup techniques for film and theatre such as special effects and even get the chance to invent your own characters.
  • Building a Portfolio: Once you have practiced your makeup application techniques, we will guide you through building a portfolio and creating the perfect resume. We will also help you narrow down your career path and prepare you for future interviews.
  • Business Management: Even if you have a high degree of skill as a makeup artist, that fact alone can’t be supported without learning how to deal with clients and their specific needs. In our final learning module, you will discover how to establish your presence as a professional makeup artist.

As a Makeup Artist Diploma graduate, you will gain exposure to a number of employment opportunities in different job settings. We are proud to offer a comprehensive program that provides students with the necessary experience to enjoy a long and productive career in the beauty industry. 

Call Beauty Institute Canada today at 905-674-0100 or visit us online to learn more about our Makeup Artist Diploma Course and Makeup Certificate Class in Ontario.

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