Makeup Tricks To Help Restore Your Client’s Youthful Glow

Makeup is an extremely effective tool for transforming the look of your face. For older individuals who wish to turn back the hands of time, invasive procedures may not always be a viable option. Luckily, when makeup formulas are applied correctly, it is easy to sport a youthful appearance.

For individuals interested in studying all aspects of the beauty industry, you can find the right program at the Beauty Institute Canada. In 12 short weeks, you can be on your way to a fulfilling a career equipped with both the skills and knowledge to become a successful Makeup Artist.

4 Anti-Aging Makeup Tips From the Top Beauty School in Toronto

Aging is inevitable. Luckily, turning back the clock can be as simple as learning how to use the contents of your makeup bag the right way. Here are 4 anti-aging makeup tips from the professionals at Toronto’s leading beauty school:

  • When it comes to aging, sometimes less is more. As it turns out, applying makeup with a heavy hand actually has the potential to make you appear older than you are. Nevertheless, as skin ages, you are more prone to dark circles and sun spots. Instead of using foundation as a base, simply cover these areas of discolouration with a light application of liquid concealer to allow as much of your natural skin to show through. As long as your skin is fresh and moisturized, you will appear much more youthful.
  • For women who prefer a more full coverage look, choose a tinted moisturizer with light reflecting particles or a lightweight liquid foundation. Since older skin is prone to wrinkles, a regular foundation will settle into fine lines making them more noticeable and ultimately add years to your face. To apply your base like a professional, use a damp makeup sponge or foundation brush and dot a small amount of the product all over your face. To set the look, dust over a light layer of translucent powder.
  • Eyes are one of the most important features of any face, regardless of age. Unfortunately, as you get older, lashes lose volume and thickness. To enhance this feature and turn back the clock, curl your eyelashes and apply a thickening mascara to create the illusion of bigger and more youthful eyes. Also, don’t neglect the look of your eyebrows. Using brow powder to create thick, full brows can restore your youthful appearance.
  • Aging skin that is not properly cared for or regularly moisturized can look tired and dull. A simple trick to create a more youthful complexion is to apply a soft, neutral rose colour to your lips and apples of your cheeks. Remember, since natural lip lines tend to fade as you age, trace it with a nude lip liner to prevent colours from bleeding out.

If you are looking to learn new skills or expand your knowledge in the beauty industry, enrol in our professional makeup artist diploma or certificate program today. Through lessons, practical classes, and a safe learning environment, you can let your talents shine.

Call Beauty Institute Canada today at 905-674-0100 or visit us online to learn more about our Makeup Artist Diploma Course and Makeup Certificate Class in Ontario.

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Launch Your Career In The Beauty Industry With A Makeup Artist Diploma

Since ancient times, women have used cosmetic aids to enhance their looks. What was once a home-based activity has today become a flourishing multi-million-dollar beauty industry. Beauty salons and aesthetician practices support thousands of jobs in the Greater Toronto Area.

When you are trying to make a decision about your career, one of the key factors you will consider is how easy it is to get a job and at what pace the industry is growing. The beauty industry holds a strong promise of a stable career. One estimate projects a 19% growth in job opportunities for makeup artists in a ten-year period between 2014 and 2024. Consider a career in this thriving sector to ensure a secure future. The first step towards this goal is to earn a Makeup Artist Diploma from a reputed institute.

How Does a Diploma in Makeup Artistry help you Achieve Success?

An industry accepted accreditation will set you up for a successful career as a beautician. Here are a few advantages of a Makeup Artist Diploma:

  • Give you a head-start to work with several businesses, such as spas, hotels and resorts, cruises, film and television, and cosmetics manufacturers.
  • Provide a deeper understanding of the trade and insights into how to market your abilities as a self-employed beautician or set up your own business.
  • Help you acquire the required skills to offer makeup services for different occasions, such as weddings, theatre shows, parties, to name a few.

Applying makeup is an art, but managing a business in this industry requires an understanding of how the trade works. A course from Beauty Institute Canada in the GTA will train you to be proficient in your work and support you in your job search.

Invest in a Well-Designed Program to Become a Skilled Makeup Artist 

It is important to get an industry accepted qualification that covers both theory and practical aspects of the trade, and provides job search related support. A good program will offer an opportunity for hands-on learning and train you in important aspects, such as:

  • An understanding of skin types and textures, and the ability to perform a skin and color analysis.
  • Knowledge of different styles that you should follow for a particular face shape.
  • Deft use of brush strokes to create that magical effect.
  • Information about products that are available in the market and when to use them, along with the knowledge about using different tools and techniques.
  • Ability to visualize the final result and work towards achieving it with dexterity.

A career as a makeup artist is a good choice if you like to interact with people and enjoy working with your hands to make others look attractive. This is and exciting profession where you can combine your passion with skills to earn a living. Make a smart decision to launch your career in the beauty industry with a Makeup Artist Diploma.

Consider a course at Beauty Institute Canada to start your journey towards a successful career. Call now at 905-674-0100 or visit us online to learn more about our Makeup Artist Diploma Course

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Launch Your Career In The Recession-proof Beauty Industry With A Makeup Artist Diploma

Halloween is just over. We hope you enjoyed seeing all the trick or treaters. The interest people take and the creative energy they put into dressing up is the fun part of Halloween.

You may have noticed how skilfully some people did their makeup, and poorly some others turned out. While everybody tries to do the best makeup for Halloween, not all can do so. Not everybody is good at the art of makeup, and depending on your lifestyle, career and social engagements, there are many more times during the year, besides Halloween, when high quality makeup may be required.

Consider this exposure to examples of poorly done makeup as your opportunity for a great career as a professional makeup artist. You could become a qualified makeup artist by completing a Makeup Artist Diploma or a Makeup Artist Certificate at a reputed beauty institute.

A professional program will help you understand the theory behind the art of makeup and help you hone your skills as a beauty artist. With a program at a reputed institute, you will learn to recognize different facial structures, skin tones and the colors that match a particular skin tone, among others. You will be glad you made the right choice if you love to work with your hands, or if you simply love the idea of making someone look beautiful.

Steps to Consider Before Signing up to Become a Qualified Makeup Artist

Being a qualified makeup artist is rewarding as it has many career opportunities in several industries. It will also allow you to start your own beauty business. Here are a few tips to help you become a qualified makeup artist.

  • Arm yourself with a Makeup Artist diploma or a Makeup Artist Certificate from a reputed beauty institute. It will help you gain the right credentials valued by the industry. A professional program will also teach you the nuances of working in the beauty industry.
  • Do your homework before enrolling in a program. Makeup is all about using your hands and learning by doing. So, it is important to find a school that places emphasis on practical work, has small class sizes, and provides a friendly, comfortable learning environment.
  • Since you are going to invest your money and time, identify a school that is best in its field. This will help you get a job in the industry quickly, or help you to establish your own beauty business.
  • A good beauty institute should also teach you what products are available in the market, when to use them, and the tools that you can use. It will teach you the techniques to use for Halloween makeup versus holiday party makeup versus everyday office makeup. Make sure you are prepared to invest in the right tools and products so you can get hands-on practical experience, outside of the schools’ curriculum and premises as well. 

It is never too late to enrol in a professional makeup artist diploma or certificate program. While you can get practical experience at the school during this holiday season, the program will help you be ready for next Halloween! 

Call Beauty Institute Canada today at 905-674-0100 or visit us online to learn more about our Makeup Artist Diploma Course and Makeup Artist Certificate Course.

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Latest Trends In Permanent Makeup

Celebrities Love Microblading – Is It for You?

Microblading, cosmetic tattooing, microstroking, eyebrow embroidery, feather touch—these are all different names for the hottest trend in permanent makeup. The fact that several celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Bella Thorne have taken to it has only fanned the flames.

In the interest of those who are unfamiliar with it, microblading involves the use of a sophisticated hand tool to draw semi-permanent strokes on the brow to camouflage lost or missing brow hair. Unlike some other makeup trends that are expensive, perhaps painful, and may or may not deliver the results you really want, this one has seen much success for many who have tried it. The good news is that it isn’t only for the silver screen and glamour magazines. You can try it too!

Why Should You Consider Microblading?

Here are the top 3 reasons why this method of cosmetic tattooing is worth exploring:

  • Microblading is an easy and painless procedure—unlike conventional tattooing that can be quite painful and involve longer healing times. Perhaps that is why it has gained so much traction within a short time.
  • It is the perfect procedure to replace lost eyebrows for people undergoing cancer treatment (chemotherapy) or those suffering from alopecia.
  • If you do not like the shape of your brows (and many people don’t), microblading can give you that perfect brow you have always envisioned. In this case, microblading will be used to augment the natural shape of your brows or to fill out gaps introduced by over-tweezing or threading too frequently.
  • When swimming or on vacation there is no worry about drawn on brows washing off unexpectedly.

Rather than spend time and money at a salon to maintain your brows each month, a better option is to try microblading. You will enjoy the same results for less and the effect can last for up to 2 years!

Microblading 3D Brow Certificate Classes 

Beauty Institute Canada offers prestigious 5-day Microblading 3D Brow Certificate classes designed by our talented Microblading experts in collaboration with the Dean of the institute. The classes are composed of theory and practical portions.  Students are exposed to classes that are comprehensive, covering extensive theory, elaborate demos, and several practical sessions on microblading. Students are required to write a test and are evaluated on their practical skills before becoming eligible for their Certification. We also offer more than 20 other Certificate classes.  Find one to enroll in today!

For effective permanent makeup procedures or to obtain more information on learning microblading, call usat 905-674-0100.

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Build A Career With Makeup Courses At Beauty Institute Canada

Perhaps you live abroad and are considering a career as a makeup artist or beauty advisor. Maybe you want to develop your makeup skills so you can learn how to beautifully apply makeup on yourself. Whatever the case may be, Beauty Institute Canada offers beauty and health diploma and certificate programs for anyone looking to gain valuable insight and develop their technical skills in the fast-paced field of makeup.

We welcome the opportunity to provide international students with training techniques that include a balance of makeup theory and hands-on practice in our state-of-the-art facility. Our 12-week Makeup Artist Diploma is the best choice for those looking to fast-track their career and jump right into the expanding beauty industry.  Here’s a glimpse of some of the material covered through the program:

  • Introduction to makeup artistry
  • Colour theory
  • Assessing skin types and face shapes
  • Makeup techniques
  • Business management and ethics
  • Film and theatre makeup
  • Building your portfolio
  • Marketing and sales
  • Makeup for the camera
  • And so much more!

Qualified candidates have the opportunity for international recognition while living, studying and working in the heart of Toronto. From perfecting makeup for weddings and special events, to fashion and runway, to film and television, and medi-spa services, the opportunities available to you are endless. Our Makeup Artist Diploma program classes are ongoing with full-time classes that run from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday.

The staff and faculty at Beauty Institute Canada are happy to help answer any questions you may have about international studies and transitioning to our institute. We can also help you find the best suited financing solution to meet your specific needs, including our 0% interest financing option, Ontario second career funding, and student line of credits and loans through major banks.

Call Beauty Institute Canada today at 905-674-0100 or visit us online to learn more about our Makeup Diploma Courses.

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Do You Dream Of Becoming A Makeup Artist?

Get Started Today with Complete Makeup Diploma Courses from Beauty Institute Canada 

Have you found your niche in the world of makeup? Determining what area to focus on can help you use your skills to become successful in the fast-paced field of makeup and help you stand out among other professionals. Whether you want to focus on a career as a beauty advisor, makeup instructor, or specialize in weddings and special events, here are a few things to consider when getting started as a makeup artist:

  • Practicing on various face shapes, eye shapes and colours, skin tones, eye colors, and ages will help you develop your skills and perfect the art of makeup. Enrolling in makeup diploma courses is a great opportunity for you to learn about makeup styles and techniques, skin types and features, cleansing and preparing the skin for makeup applications, and so much more.
  • It’s a good idea to photograph all of your clients to build a portfolio, which can help you promote your work and reach more potential clients. You could also hire a web designer to help you put a website together and show people what you are skillfully able to create. You can include various styles like clean makeup, editorial makeup, experimental makeup and beauty makeup.
  • Publicizing your services and getting your name out there will also help build your client base. Think about investing in business cards and make yourself known to wedding planners, local makeup counters, and event coordinators.

If you are passionate about makeup and interested in pursuing a markup artist diploma or certificate program, Beauty Institute Canada offers a wide range of courses that provide in-depth knowledge of makeup products, as well as tools and techniques to help you succeed in this competitive field. Students can gain extensive experience by practicing on models and clients in a safe learning environment. We have a proven track record of successfully training graduates in makeup programs and medical aesthetics with a success rate of over 90%.

Call Beauty Institute Canada today at 905-674-0100 or visit us online to learn more about our Makeup Diploma Courses.

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Learn The Art Of Makeup To Help Others Sparkle This Holiday Season

Gain Comprehensive Training to Join the Ever-Growing Cosmetics Industry 

In just a few months, many of us will be gearing up for the holiday season, preparing for special events, like weddings, business celebrations, and holiday parties. As one of the busiest times of year for makeup artists, here is your opportunity to help people put their best face forward through picture-perfect makeup application services.

Special events call for special looks. You can master the skill of party skin prep for the festive season, including all of the essential beauty techniques and products to help others sparkle for every occasion. When you enroll in Beauty Institute Canada’s 12-week Makeup Artist Diploma program, you will learn:

  • How to use and apply products
  • Understanding the colour wheel
  • Creating the perfect eyebrow
  • Contouring, shading and highlighting techniques
  • How to apply eyelash extensions
  • How to create perfect smoky eyes
  • Proper application of glitter, sparkling oils, powders and bronzers
  • How to perfect the red lip
  • Creating subtle radiance all over
  • How to make lips shine
  • How to illuminate the face for a youthful glow
  • Proper and safe makeup removal
  • Prepping skin for unique skincare needs
  • And more!

From colour theory, assessing skin types and face shapes, to makeup techniques, business management and business ethics, our Makeup Artist Diploma program is designed to provide you with extensive practical experience to perfect your skills and excel in the beauty industry. After successful graduation, you will be qualified to work as a Makeup Artist or pursue a freelance career.

If you are interested in helping people feel and look extra fabulous this holiday season, contact Beauty Institute Canada today at 905-674-0100 or visit us online for more information on our Makeup Artist Diploma program.

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Makeup Diploma Courses In Canada Designed For In-depth And Practical Instruction

Train With Us for All Fields of the Makeup Industry

Makeup artistry is a calling that appeals specifically to those who love the idea of transformation and variety; know that any face can be enhanced for various looks; and appreciate the control over appearance. Utilizing makeup to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary is a highly technical craft. As a makeup artist, you need to be able to help an individual with makeup consultations. You are also required to understand the complexity of properly applying makeup for film, theatre, fashion personalities, etc.

Enrolling in makeup diploma courses in Canada is an excellent way to learn many aspects of the field, including but not limited to:

  • Preparing the skin for make-up application and removing make-up as required
  • Demonstrating cosmetic products to clients
  • Instructing clients about make-up application
  • Applying a wide variety of professional make-up products
  • Using make-up to produce effects such as ageing, illness, scars and bruising
  • Applying make up for theme events, special occasions, festivals, weddings, etc.
  • Ensuring that appropriate action is taken to minimize unpleasant side effects from the   use of specialist make-up techniques
  • Maintaining awareness of health and safety issues and legislation
  • Staying up-to-date on available make-up and beauty products
  • Sourcing, budgeting and ordering materials and equipment from special suppliers

Beauty Institute Canada’s 12-week Makeup Artist Diploma program includes in-depth knowledge of the makeup products, tools and techniques needed to succeed in this competitive field. From colour theory, assessing skin types and face shapes to business management and ethics, our team of industry-leading instructors will help you perfect your skills to perform professional makeup services, interact effectively with clients and build a successful business.
If you have a flair for makeup, contact Beauty Institute Canada today at 905-674-0100 or visit us online for more information on our makeup diploma courses in Canada

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Apply Today For Makeup Diploma Courses To Help Launch Your Career

Dive into the Exciting World of Film, TV and Red Carpet Makeup Artistry

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in transforming a celebrity into a terrifying zombie or how movie stars age 30 years for a feature film? Makeup techniques, like applying bruising details, artificial blood, aging makeup, wrinkle highlights, etc. are performed by professional makeup artists that help the writers, directors and production team bring a story and its characters to life.

By enrolling in makeup diploma courses, you can learn things like the scope of colour, the importance of shadowing and contouring and the difference between shooting an image or a set in black and white or colour. Whether your goal is to work as a film makeup artist collectively with hair and wardrobe departments or as an independent artist, there are a number of typical tasks associated with makeup artistry, including but not limited to:

  • Deciding which clients to work with
  • Deciding on the desired physical outcome with each client
  • Assessing and working within the budget
  • Exploring certain techniques needed to achieve a particular look
  • Ordering products from suppliers and keeping inventory of all materials
  • Ensuring the makeup will prepare the client for each situation such as studio lighting and costume application
  • Ensuring your client has no allergies to any of the products you are using

Beauty Institute Canada’s makeup diploma courses can provide you with the opportunity to learn within a structured environment and practice hands-on with the latest beauty trends and techniques. You will also benefit from training in cosmetic management, product knowledge and application, marketing and sales, and so much more.

Transform your passion for makeup and beauty into an exciting and dynamic career today! Contact Beauty Institute Canada online or call us at 905-674-0100.

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Be Industry Ready In Weeks With Hands-on Makeup Artist Training In Toronto

Building the Foundation of any Modern Makeup Artist

Are you good at working with your hands? Are you attentive to even the smallest details? If so, getting paid to spend your time thinking about and experimenting with different beauty trends may be the perfect job for you. Makeup artist training in Toronto can give you the skills and expertise to go from a lipstick junkie to a professional makeup specialist working on the set of a popular TV show or with models, celebrities and well-known photographers.

Maybe you are able to easily tell which lipsticks and eye shadows complement one’s wardrobe and complexion. Perhaps you have self-perfected the method of creating scars, burns and tattoos with ease and speed. Whatever the reason behind your fascination for makeup artistry, professional training can provide you with a broad range of skills so you can specialize in one of the many different types of makeup and application techniques including:

  • Special Effects
  • Prosthetics
  • Face and Body Painting
  • Personal Services
  • Film, TV and Theatre
  • Cosmetics or Fashion
  • Airbrushing
  • High Definition

Beauty Institute Canada’s 12-week Makeup Artist Diploma program provides you with the opportunity to learn all aspects of the ever growing beauty industry. Through lessons and practical training, you will gain in-depth knowledge on colour theory, assessing skin types and face shapes, makeup techniques, business management, and more! By practicing on live models and clients, you can perfect your skills in a safe and exciting learning environment.
Call Beauty Institute Canada at 905-674-0100 or contact us online to learn more about Makeup Artist Training in Toronto.

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