Threading Vs Waxing

Ridding our bodies of unwanted hair has been the bane of the female existence for generations. Regardless of the trend in underarm fuzz that Miley Cyrus may be trying to start, it’s safe to say there still aren’t a whole lot of women who are comfortable sporting hair on their upper lip or even bushy brows.

Becoming hairless is not an easy feat – it seems like every method devised is some sort of Medieval era inspired torture device designed with our ultimate discomfort in mind. That said, over the years the beauty and pharmaceutical industry have tested and honed their products in search of something that might be just a wee bit less uncomfortable. The femine care aisle is loaded with creams, waxes and bleaches for at home use, but even so, when you want something done right you head to the professionals.

Two of the most popular forms of salon based hair removal are threading and waxing, and so the debate which is better? Let’s take a look.

If you don’t already know, threading involves taking two pieces of cotton thread and wrapping them around individual hairs, which will then be removed in one quick motion. It’s considered a fluid process that effortlessly removes the hair from the follicle.

A lot of women opt for threading because the process doesn’t involve chemicals, and you avoid having resins, carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances, dyes and other dangerous chemicals come into contact with your skin.

It’s also a great alternative for those women who have delicate skin prone to reactions and irritation. Threading doesn’t leave the skin raw, red, or inflamed because there is little to no contact with the skin at all, just the hair.

Threading is a relatively fast, and precise process that lasts longer than waxing – your hair shouldn’t come back for three to four weeks.

It all sounds great but there are a few cons you need to consider. First, a technician doesn’t need a license to thread, so you should really do your research before booking an appointment at a salon. On that point, if it’s done incorrectly, the hair can break and this will cause regrowth to show up much more quickly – there’s the benefit to having threading performed by a professional.

One of the most common forms of hair removal available for women today, waxing involves an application of hot, hypoallergenic wax to the skin. Before the wax can harden, a strip of paper is applied to the top of the wax, so that when the wax does harden it can easily be pulled off by holding onto the paper. Waxing can be quite precise, and applied to the hairs you want removed.

Depending on who you talk to, though waxing is definitely painful, it’s considered less so than threading, where each hair is pulled out slowly. It’s also suitable for use on other parts of the body, and not just your eyebrows.

Alternatively, it can be extremely irritating, especially if non-hypoallergenic products are used. The wax will come in direct contact with your skin, and it can cause redness, irritation or even allergic reactions. In other cases, regular waxing of the brows has been known to cause premature wrinkles, because of tugging and pulling on the eye lid.

So, is there a definitive answer to which technique is better? No, at the end of the day, it boils down to a personal choice. When you want to see for yourself, book your threading or waxing appointment with our Clinic today!

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Everything You Didn’t Know About Brazilian Waxing

If you’ve never had a Brazilian wax, you’re probably postponing your first appointment because you fear the pain. Any veteran will tell you a Brazilian wax hurts! And they’re right – waxing is a painful experience that involves spreading a sticky hot substance directly onto your skin and then tearing it off like a Band-Aid, except the sensation is much worse.

Unless you’re a veteran, you’re going to find it tough getting through your first time. It can also hurt a lot more for some than others, especially those with thick, coarse hair, and those who’ve been shaving for years. While there are products and practices on the market that promise to make your experience virtually pain free, they don’t always work, and often your salon or technician may not be certified to use them. Ask in advance while (or before) you book your appointment.

You can reduce the amount of discomfort by popping a few pain killers at least a half hour before you arrive.

But as a wise woman once said, there is no beauty without pain. Smoother skin that lasts three times as long? Once you go wax, you never go bax. Considering biting the bullet and going Brazilian? Here are a few more things you might want to know…

There’s More Than One Type

There’s more to waxing than the Brazilian, which takes all or most of the hair off your crotch from front to back. A full-bush Brazilian removes all the hair from the vulva and back, but leaves a triangle (or other fun design) of hair in the front. A bikini wax (a great primer for first timers) removes the hair from the bikini line, leaving your lady bits untouched.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Though you may think you’re doing yourself a favour, one of the worst things you can do before a wax is to shave off or down long hair. Waxing actually works best when the hairs are at least 1/4 inch long. You can either trim it yourself or leave it up to the aesthetician.

Your Technician Will See Everything

If you weren’t comfortable with showing off your most private parts to strangers before your wax appointment, you better learn pretty quickly, especially if you’re planning to ask them to take it all off. For a Brazilian wax, you strip to your birthday suit from the waist down and often be asked to get into compromising positions so the aesthetician can get at those hard to reach places.

Give It A Rest

If you’re expecting to hit the beach straight after your wax, think again, because though your skin may be hair free, it’s also going to be red and inflamed from the process. Wear loose, comfy clothing that doesn’t rub, and avoid friction causing activities, which is anything from a run in the park to you know what.

Steer Clear During That Time Of The Month

There are a few reasons you should book your wax after your visit from Aunt Flo, not the least of which being no one wants to deal with your cranky pants attitude and unnecessary accidents. During menstruation, as well as during pregnancy, the sensitivity level of the public area is increased. Ouch!

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