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Get Creative With Skin – Learn Henna Body Art – Enrol In Specialty Make-up Workshops At Our Toronto Beauty School

They say that customs will often outlive the remembrance of their origin. One such example of a fashionable custom that has made its way from the east to the west is that of henna body art. With its origin in Indian and Egyptian art several centuries ago, henna body tattoos are a popular tradition used to mark auspicious occasions, such as weddings or festivals, or simply as a body adornment, especially amongst women. Since this is a temporary tattoo that is applied on the hands, feet and other body parts, the variety and creative potential in this art form is limitless.

Whether you are an established make-up artist, a newbie, or a die-hard make-up enthusiast, expand your skills and learn new techniques from the experts. At Beauty Institute Canada, we conduct several beauty and health workshops, including one on Henna Body Art. In these specialty make-up training sessions, we equip you with all the information and methods that you will need to practice this art form, and make a successful career in this area.

What You Will Learn in Henna Body Art Workshops

Henna is a natural dye made from the leaves of the henna plant that typically flourishes in a tropical climate. By blending the dried henna leaves with certain essential oils, you can create a rich paste and apply it to the skin in the form of intricate designs and patterns.

Usually, the henna paste is filled into a cone and the artist lends the right amount of pressure to the paper or plastic cone to draw patterns on the clients’ skin. The application time could vary based on the intricacy of the design. Similarly, the depth of the colour may differ based on the type of leaves, as well as the client’s body temperature and chosen body part.

When you enrol for the Henna Body Art workshop at Toronto’s top beauty school, you will learn about:

  • The origins of this art form and its application in other parts of the world.
  • Preparation of high quality pastes from different types of leaves using diverse oil infusions.
  • Application procedure, including cone creation techniques, proper product storage and nuances of drawing on different body parts.
  • Creating popular designs and patterns, including occasion-specific tattoos that are usually in demand across cultures and communities.
  • The business aspects for becoming a professional henna artist, including client consultation techniques, pre-and-post procedure care, portfolio creation and pricing.
  • Latest trends in temporary body art such as:
  • Incorporating studs, stones, multiple colors, and other decorative embellishments in the henna body art.
  • Creating delicate, lace-like, white henna tattoos that have recently originated in the Middle East.
  • Applying stunning, glow-in-the-dark UV tattoos that are popular amongst party-hard youngsters and concert or music-fest regulars. Although they use a special type of temporary body paint and not the traditional henna paste, the application techniques, designs and patterns are similar to henna body art.

Enroll In Specialty Make-Up Workshops At Toronto’S Top Beauty School 

As a beauty professional, you want to continually expand your horizons and keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques. Master the art of temporary body tattoos and take your make-up artistry to the next level. Henna artists are in high demand in several ethnic communities who have made Canada their permanent home. These additional skills will help you to rapidly grow your businesses and expand your reach to a highly diverse customer base.

Enrol for the 2 to 4-hour, specialty make-up workshops at Beauty Institute Canada and acquire new skills from experienced instructors in a friendly, multicultural environment. We are passionate about helping you build your career in the beauty industry and conduct a wide range of workshops, certificate courses and diplomas pertaining to this field. Our comprehensive support system includes a tour of the college, guidance in choosing the right programs, flexible finance schemes and assistance in finding jobs.

Call 905-674-0100 today or visit us online to enrol for a specialty workshop or learn more about our programs.

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