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How To Achieve A Flawless Summer Look -skincare Training From Toronto’s Leading Beauty School

Summer gives us longer days with weather that encourages us to spend all our time outdoors. Though, when grease or sweat comes into contact with hair or makeup, it’s never a good look. So how do you maintain a flawless face in the intense heat of summer? While it can be a challenge to sweat-proof your look, you can make sure your face is glowing throughout the summer season with a few easy beauty tips and tricks. If you want to master your summer look, take a makeup certificate course or sign up for one of our many workshops from the Beauty Institute Canada.

5 Tips for a Summer Look that Lasts All Day 

We know the struggle of spending time getting your makeup look ready, only to step outside on a hot summer day and feel it melt right off your face. Luckily, we also know how to achieve a flawless look that actually lasts all day. Keep your skin fresh all summer long with these 5 extremely effective tips:

  1. Prime Your Skin: Every flawless summer look starts with a clean face. For glowing skin, remove any impurities that might get in the way of your makeup application. After your morning skincare routine, apply a makeup primer to keep anything that is applied on top, in place.
  2. Switch up Your Makeup Routine: As seasons change, the contents of your makeup bag should change too. Choose long-wear formulas that can outlast the heat and avoid applying too many shimmery products to the skin. Anything too luminous will quickly turn shiny and greasy-looking as the humidity sets in. While summer is the perfect time to play around with colours, make sure they are sheer to avoid a heavy makeup look. Ideally, consider taking the less-is-more approach to makeup in the summertime to prevent creasing and caking. For instance, swap your regular foundation out for a tinted moisturizer instead.
  3. Set Your Makeup Look: The final step to your summer makeup look should always end with a setting spray. Like makeup primer, a setting spray will seal in your look. After applying your makeup, give your face a spritz to help your makeup last longer and help you avoid getting overly slick.
  4. Be Prepared: When you’re out and about, its hard to predict when the sweat and greasiness will strike. Keep a package of oil-blotting sheets in your purse for emergencies and use them to lightly dab your face when you start to feel sticky.
  5. Keep Hydrated: One of the most important summer beauty tips is to stay hydrated. While the air may be humid, your skin loses a significant amount of moisture through sweat. Fight against dry, summer skin with a lightweight moisturizer and hydration that starts from within. Drinking plenty of water will also help you avoid getting headaches and dizzy spells so you not only look your best but feel your best too.

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