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Learn Chemical Peels In Medical Aesthetics Diploma At Beauty Institute Canada

For many women, there is nothing more morale-boosting than a beautiful, radiant and flawless skin. That is why many are willing to pay top dollar in a bid to restore it. One procedure that more women are increasingly opting for is a chemical peel to recover their damaged skin.

What Is A Chemical Peel? 

It is a skin restoration procedure in which naturally occurring chemicals, mostly from fruits, are used to remove damaged and dead outer layers of skin and stimulate the inner skin cells to regenerate another epidermis. Chemical peels are not new and are believed to have their roots in ancient Egypt where animal oil, sour milk and alabaster were used. What has changed is that, with a better understanding of the skin and the world around us, the process has been fine-tuned and tailored for different types of skin.

What Conditions Can It Treat? 

Chemical peels can be used to treat a number of skin conditions, namely damaged skin, skin discoloration, some types of acne, fine lines and wrinkles. A chemical peel is applied and left to work its way through the skin, peeling off the top layer and ultimately revealing a brand new skin.


If you would like to add this in-demand skill to your beauty skill set or pursue a career as a beauty aesthetician, you may want to enroll for a medical aesthetics course in a top beauty school. Beauty Institute Canada offers a comprehensive 41-week diploma program in medical aesthetics that will equip you with this skill and the entire medical aesthetics repertoire.

The course structure takes a three-dimensional approach. The first is to impart students with a deep theoretical understanding of the skin and skin care procedures, nail care, hair removal and make-up. The second involves hands-on experiments on models, and finally, students get to apply their skills working with clients.

You can gain admission in three simple steps. The first is to contact us by calling 905.674.0100 or by filling out an online form to schedule a tour of our facility. This is where you will get comprehensive answers to all your questions about our programs, the school calendar and intake, fees and possible career paths to chart after completion. If you are ready to get started, you can ask for registration details. Once this second step of your registration is complete, you will be ready to start classes and an interesting journey into the world of aesthetics.

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