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Learn Photofacials In Laser Technician Diploma At Beauty Institute Canada

As a woman, you would typically opt for a skin care treatment that is easier and gentler on your skin than more aggressive ones. More woman are likely to choose a photofacial over an intensive chemical peel such as a Trichloroacetic acid peel (TCA). Although highly effective, a deep chemical peel requires some downtime for post-treatment recuperation which can take a number of days. The beauty of a photofacial is that it is equally effective for less severe conditions and there is virtually no downtime. You do not have to take time off and can usually return to work the same day.

What is a Photofacial?

A photofacial treatment, also called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is a procedure that uses a laser beam of high intensity and multiple wavelengths. This light works to remove excess skin pigmentation such as brown spots and vascular lesions resulting from broken capillaries in your facial skin.

Where do these Brown Spots and Broken Capillaries come from?

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin. To protect itself, the skin produces excess pigmentation which over time, turns the skin darker in localized areas. The sun also damages the blood capillaries directly exposed to it. New capillaries are subsequently regenerated to replace the broken ones. A photofacial is the best-placed skin treatment procedure to treat these two conditions.


The Beauty Institute Canada is a premier institution that excels in training for various aspects of beauty and health. If you would like to learn the art of performing a photofacial, you can enroll in our Laser Technician Diploma. We offer an excellent 420-hour program where you will have the opportunity to learn how to use our state of the art light and laser therapy equipment. You will gain plenty of hands-on experience, honing your skills experimenting with models and later, graduate to working with clients.

Are you interested in pursuing a laser technician diploma? You can gain admission in three easy steps. The first step is to find out more about our beauty school in Toronto, the courses we offer, fee structure, school calendar and admission requirements. To facilitate this, we offer a free tour of our facility. You can book your tour by calling 905.674.0100 or filling an online form. The second step is to fill out your admission details and complete your registration with assistance from our staff. At this stage, we will also guide you through suitable financial plan options. The final step is to start your course and be on your way to an exciting career as a laser technician.

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