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Makeup Courses For Beginners At The Top Beauty School In Toronto

At the Beauty Institute Canada, we offer a variety of programs that will help you develop your interest and turn your skills into a successful career. In a matter of weeks, you will receive your Medical AestheticsLaser Technician, or Makeup Artist Diploma while learning from some of the best professionals in the industry. For students who are interested in adding to their existing skills, we also offer workshops and Non-Vocational Certificate courses.

We understand that starting anything new can seem like a daunting task. Nevertheless, don’t allow your initial doubt to stop you from fulfilling your dreams as a professional makeup artist. You will discover that our makeup courses are extremely suitable for all types of students including beginners. You will be given the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the beauty industry within a safe learning environment, through practical experience. Be on your way to an exciting career and register for one of our programs at our beauty school in Toronto today.

What to Expect on Your Way to Receiving a Makeup Artist Diploma

If you have ever thought about turning your makeup application talent into a serious career, you have come to the right place. Here are a few things you will learn as a student on your way to earning your Makeup Artist Diploma:

  • Introduction to Makeup Artistry: We begin our program by going back to where it all began. You will learn about the history and evolution of makeup to deepen your understanding about the choices you make as an artist today. You will know how to prepare the skin for the best makeup applications, learn about safe workplace practices, effective communication, maintaining a professional image, and more.
  • Colour Theory: If you want to become a successful makeup artist, you must first learn to use different tools and products. It is also extremely important to understand the colour wheel, choose the right shades and application for features on different faces.
  • Assessing Skin Types and Face Shapes: You will be given the opportunity to create your own styles from face charts and models while learning about the different mediums used for film, television, photography, and more.
  • Makeup Techniques: Explore eras down the ages and discover how you can update period styles for the present day. Additionally, you will learn about makeup techniques for film and theatre such as special effects and even get the chance to invent your own characters.
  • Building a Portfolio: Once you have practiced your makeup application techniques, we will guide you through building a portfolio and creating the perfect resume. We will also help you narrow down your career path and prepare you for future interviews.
  • Business Management: Even if you have a high degree of skill as a makeup artist, that fact alone can’t be supported without learning how to deal with clients and their specific needs. In our final learning module, you will discover how to establish your presence as a professional makeup artist.

As a Makeup Artist Diploma graduate, you will gain exposure to a number of employment opportunities in different job settings. We are proud to offer a comprehensive program that provides students with the necessary experience to enjoy a long and productive career in the beauty industry. 

Call Beauty Institute Canada today at 905-674-0100 or visit us online to learn more about our Makeup Artist Diploma Course and Makeup Certificate Class in Ontario.

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