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Makeup Tips For Frequent Travelers From Your Top Beauty School In Toronto

As a frequent traveler, you are already aware of the impact a long flight can have on your appearance. Once you arrive at your destination, you may not always feel or look your best thanks to very little rest and that dry cabin air. However, by learning about which products to take with you and how to use them, you can get through your next trip with confidence and style.

If you are interested in earning your makeup artist diploma in Ontario, you will find all the right training tools and techniques you need to succeed at the Beauty Institute Canada. Our 12-week program is designed to help students gain practical experience, as well as, allow you to exercise your artistic skills in a safe learning environment.

5 Travel Beauty Tips from a Professional Makeup Artist

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities manage to step off the plane looking flawless? Chances are they travel with a hair and makeup team. If you don’t have the luxury of traveling with your own personal makeup artists, we have you covered. Here are a few simple makeup tricks you can do yourself that will keep you looking your best even at 30,000 ft in the air:

  1. Hydrate Your Skin: Traveling on an airplane can take a toll on your skin. To prevent dryness, drink plenty of water and apply a thick moisturizer or hydrating overnight mask for those long-haul flights. This will help you maintain a good base when it’s time to reapply your makeup towards the end of your journey. Lack of sleep and recycled air may also dry out your eyes and lips. To counteract this problem, bring eye drops to lubricate your eyes and keep redness at bay. Finally, apply a medicated lip balm to soothe chapped lips.
  2. Skip Foundation: Whether you are traveling or not, dry and flakey foundation is never a good look. If you want to even out your skin tone, use a tinted moisturizer instead of your usual foundation. For those who can’t go a day without wearing full-coverage makeup, use a silicone-based primer before applying your foundation. This will help protect your skin and prevent it from drying out.
  3. Pack an Eyelash Curler: Typically, cars, trains and planes are not the first places that come to mind when thinking about where to get a restful sleep. Unfortunately, long distance traveling may result in losing those precious hours of shut eye and affect your overall appearance. To fake the look of well rested eyes, use your favourite mascara and don’t forget to pack an eyelash curler. Curling your lashes will instantly make your eyes look bigger and brighter.
  4. Add a Pop of Colour: Losing any amount of sleep can make your skin appear pale and dull. Luckily, you can use a convertible cream blush to add some colour back into your complexion. These products are excellent travel companions as they can be used for both your lips and cheeks and are easy to use for a natural, beautiful finish.
  5. Perk up Your Complexion: If there was ever a moment you thought about incorporating shimmer into your makeup routine, now is the time to do so. Fake the look of dewy skin by dusting a soft shimmer cream or powder on your face. For an instant lift, dab the product on the high points of your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose, and your cupid’s bow.

If you want to explore your talent as a professional makeup artist in the GTA, we have the perfect course for you. Unlock your potential and enroll in our makeup artist diploma or certificate program today. You will be on your way to a rewarding and successful career in the beauty industry.

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