Scholarship Policy

Students must submit their application and all required information in person or via Email (applicable only upon approval of School Director) before they apply or enroll for any diploma program that is over 1000 hours in length. 

No late applications (after enrollment) or incomplete applications will be accepted. 

Applicants must submit a transcript demonstrating good academic standing with a minimum of 80% cumulative overall grade point average in the past academic program. A photocopy of the last diploma obtained will be required. (If applying for academic related scholarship) 

Beauty Institute Canada Scholarship recipients will be selected by the scholarship committee based on eligibility, academic and career achievements, and review of application documents including academic and employer references, academic standing, and commitment to the academic program. Only fully completed application forms will be considered for selection. The decision of Beauty Institute Canada shall be final and binding. Beauty Institute Canada reserves the rights to make changes to its scholarship policy and terms as and when required. 

Scholarship recipient selection will be made without regard to race, age, gender, religion, political beliefs, employment status, or any other factor, which could constitute unfair or illegal discrimination. 

The scholarship will be held at Beauty Institute Canada, Oshawa. 

The scholarship shall be valid for one year. The recipient must be enrolled in a full time diploma program. In the event that a student does not enroll in a full time diploma program within that year (365 calendar days from date of approval) a new Scholarship application will be required.  

Upon occurrence of any unacceptable behaviour of scholarship recipient, Beauty Institute Canada Institute reserves the right to terminate scholarship at any time. 

Please Note:

The outcome of student scholarship applications will not be given immediately upon receipt of application, as all applicable paperwork must be fully assessed before a final decision can be made. Students will be notified about their scholarship application outcome via phone or email.

For further information, please fill out our Request Info form or Call us at 905 674 0100.