Beauty Institute Canada grants scholarships to students who qualify under certain criteria!

Students applying for a possible scholarship at Beauty Institute Canada are requested to either download a PDF copy of our Scholarship form or to request a copy when completing their personal tour of our campus. Scholarships are tentative, pending the student’s acceptance for admission to Beauty Institute Canada and commencement of study. In the event that a scholarship is granted, please note that the scholarship will be credited to the student’s tuition only. Students are advised to speak the School Director for information regarding how and when their scholarship will be applied.

Eligibility For A Scholarship

Enrolling in Full Time Diploma program that is longer than 1000 hours in duration.

Possible Scholarships At Beauty Institute Canada

  • Academic Merit – Intended for students entering Beauty Institute Canada directly from a Canadian High School.
  • Continuing Education – Intended for students that are graduates of Beauty Institute Canada in either Certificate or Diploma programs and are applying for additional training within Beauty Institute Canada.
  • Sole Support Parents Student – Intended for students who are sole support parents.
  • New Comer to Canada Settlement Award – Intended for students living in Canada for less than 3 years.
  • Travel Allowance – Intended for students who are commuting in excess of 60km.
  • Prior Work Experience- Intended for students with a minimum of 12 months work experience relating to the field of study.

For details please call 905.674.0100 or download and fill out a Copy of our  Scholarship Form

Scholarship Application Process

Email or Call us at 905 674 0100 to get application form or Apply online

Please print, fill out and bring in the completed Scholarship form along with the following items (if applicable to your application):

  1. Your most recent resume outlining academic and career /work related achievements
  2. Copy of your most recent transcript or High School Diploma
  3. 3 reference letters (reference letters can be work related, from volunteer organizations or past teachers. In case of High School students reference letters from teacher and guidance counsellor are required)
  4. A short one pager on – why do you want to join Beauty Institute Canada?
  5. A short one pager on – why do you deserve the scholarship?
  6. A letter from student and copy of subsidy papers (Sole Parent Scholarship)
  7. Proof of entry into Canada
  8. A letter stating his/her resident address and confirm the distance
  9. Copy of Government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport)

Call us at 905 674 0100 or email to schedule an appointment with Admissions Director for submission of above documents and personal interview

The outcome of student scholarship applications will not be given immediately upon receipt of application, as all applicable paperwork must be fully assessed before a final decision can be made. Students will be notified about their scholarship application outcome via phone or email.

For more details, please read the Institute’s Scholarship Policy, fill out our Request Info form or Call us at 905 674 0100