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The ABCs Of Microblading: An Overview By Your Trusted Toronto Beauty School

They say you are never fully dressed without your eyebrows. Yet, millions of women all over the world struggle to get that perfect pair of full, shapely eyebrows for a variety of reasons. Whether your brows are naturally sparse, have endured years of over-plucking, or they have taken a beating due to chemotherapy or alopecia, the good news is that you can now get perfectly healthy brows, quite easily, through microblading.

Also known as ‘eyebrow embroidery’, ‘microstroking’ or ‘feather touch’, this relatively new treatment is a semi-permanent method of reconstructing and reshaping your brows. While the procedure itself is simple, it requires fairly intricate skills that only a trained technician can perform successfully. Given its growing demand, more and more make-up artists and estheticians are getting themselves familiarized in this brow sculpting form. At Beauty Institute Canada, we offer a specialized certificate course in microblading, where you will not only learn the fundamental theory and techniques of brow embroidery, but also gain invaluable industry knowledge from our experienced instructors. Read up more about microblading to know why this treatment is gaining unprecedented popularity, including amongst celebrities.

Get Your Dream Eyebrows through Microblading 

A form of brow tattooing, microblading involves filling up of the empty spaces between your brow hair with fine strokes of special pigmented ink that lend a natural, hair-like appearance.

The Procedure 

Here is what you should expect:

  • Using a sharp, scalpel-like tool, filled with cosmetic tattoo pigment matched to your hair colour, the technician will skilfully draw strokes that camouflage your missing eyebrow hair. Essentially, the tool is used to deposit the pigment in the outermost layer of your skin, so that it mimics the look of your existing brow hair.
  • This intricate eyebrow embroidery takes approximately two to three hours and may set you back by $500 – $800, depending on the type of salon and the artists’ skill level.
  • The procedure is not painful, you may only feel a slight pinching sensation. Your technician will also apply an anesthetic cream to minimize your discomfort.
  • While the effects of the treatment typically last for two to three years, your technician may recommend a follow-up session every six to twelve months for colour touch-up.

In fact, if done correctly and by an experienced technician, no one will ever guess that your brows have been sculpted through an artificial treatment.

The Immediate Aftercare

Immediately after a microstroking treatment, you may find that your brows look darker or swollen, or have reddish patches around them. This is a temporary inflammation that will disappear once the area heals. Some of the precautions that you should take, especially in the first ten days post-treatment are:

  • Avoid washing the area. Any moisture will irritate the bladed area and cause the tattooed ink to become dull or faded, even before it bonds to your skin.
  • Avoid intense physical activity that involves sweating. Keep your workouts light.
  • Do not apply any make-up to the treated area. In case of itchiness, use the ointments or creams prescribed by your technician.
  • Avoid the temptation of constantly touching your brows with your fingers, until they heal.

With proper care, during and immediately post the treatment, you will be able to wake up to your dream eyebrows, everyday, for several months at a time. Once the brows have healed, there is no maintenance needed.


The slightest of change in the shape, size, colour or thickness of your eyebrows has the potential to alter the appearance of your face. A treatment such as microblading is a blessing for those who seek a naturally enhanced look for their thinning brows.

As a make-up artist or beauty professional, you can broaden your skill set and offer your clients the opportunity to get the perfect set of brows. Enrol for the certificate course offered at Beauty Institute Canada and gain the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to be a professional microblading 3D brow technician. Our 5-day course includes extensive theory (including education on health and safety and blood borne pathogens), live demos, practical experience and business best practices.

In addition to specialist instructors, you will have access to a friendly, multicultural environment, where you can choose numerous other workshops, certificate courses and diplomas to build and enhance your career in the beauty industry. Request a tour of the college and learn more about our application process, job assistance and flexible finance schemes.

To enroll for a certificate course, call 905-674-0100 today or fill out our program request form online.

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