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Top 10 Beauty Trends For Spring/ Summer 2019 -listed By Toronto’s Leading Beauty School

Passionate about making other women look their best? Love to experiment with new makeup techniques on yourself? Follow Instagram trendsetters and collect beauty magazines to know the latest trends in beauty and makeup? Whether you dream of becoming a professional makeup artist, or simply want to hone your makeup application skills, Beauty Institute Canada can help. As Toronto’s leading beauty school, we offer a range of diploma programscertificate courses and workshops that address diverse learning goals.

  1. Color Popping Eyeliners: Invest in tinted eyeliners and mascaras in navy blue, frosty green, neon pink, electric orange, red or bronze. These are easy to apply and bold enough to make an impact.
  2. Neon Lips: Use bright, bold shades of red, orange, pink and purple for statement lips that are a hot favorite of many top fashionistas this season.
  3. Monochromatic Makeup: Whether you pick a taupe or a purple, it is all about using the same color family for the lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow and more. Create your own fifty shades for a beautiful, monochromatic makeup.
  4. Multi-masking Foundation: While the glowing, luminous look is always on-trend, it may not suit all skin types. Through multi-masking, you can use a matte foundation for an oily T-zone, and stick to a glowy version for the cheeks to achieve the same radiant look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different foundations; just make sure you blend well!
  5. Logos and Color Blocks: From Tommy Hilfiger’s flag, to Versace’s Greek key borders, give your nails a graphic twist with recognizable hallmarks. Another fashion forward style is color blocking. Paint half and half, or change up the proportion to a French tip, using unconventional color combinations for chic-looking nails.
  6. Handsome Brows: Concealing around the outside of the brows is passé. Instead, take a glue stick and a toothbrush, and use a spoolie to brush up the hairs for a handsome brow.
  7. Oh-So-School Hairstyles: From scrunchy-tied or slicked back ponytails, to pretty braids and bows, the cool, back-to-school hairstyles are in. (Way ahead of back-to-school season of course!)
  8. Rainbow Eyeshadows: Spring and summer are no fun without some bold makeup moves. Place all the eye shades you like in concentrated areas on your eyelid and blend them with a fluffy brush. This look, called rainbow-dusted-eyes, is so simple to create, but looks like an intricate work of art.
  9. Bronzer the Better: Replace your blush and highlighter with the bronzer, and get a 70s-style, sun-kissed skin look without actually contouring. Try placing the bronzer along your cheekbones, instead of beneath.
  10. Braid it all the way: Braids were the favored hairstyle on many popular runway shows earlier this year. Add a fancy twist to yours with some floral adornments or ropes.


From 2 to 4-hour workshops and 1 to 4-day certificate courses, to a full-fledged 12-week long diploma, you can choose from a variety of makeup training programs at Beauty Institute Canada. Enrol for the course that caters to your requirements, and acquire the knowledge and skills that help you achieve your beauty and makeup goals. Enjoy several benefits, such as a friendly, multicultural learning environment, hands-on training, flexible payment plans, job search assistance and more.

Call us at 905-674-0100 or write to us for more information about any of our workshops, certificate courses or diplomas. You can also apply online to enrol in our Makeup Artist Diploma program.

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