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Why Become a Makeup Artist?

As little girls we learn how fun it can be to experiment with makeup – mascara wands and colorful tubes of lipstick tempt us into the mirror to imitate our mothers.

While some of us grow out of it, others take this playful obsession to the next level, experimenting with colors, styles, techniques and more. When makeup becomes more artistic self expression than simply a cover up for blemishes, you should consider channeling your artistic energy into a career as a makeup artist.

Putting aside the fact that this path is inherently versatile ( and don’t forget the definite possibility of working with famous faces), deciding to turn your creative love of makeup into a successful career can be rewarding for so many reasons:

Job Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Don’t let the fun behind-the-scenes footage fool you – the life of a make up artist is not easy. Early hours and grueling shifts, you’re on call and expected to be ready at a moments notice to produce the perfect contouring, exquisite color, or believable weeping wound. But there’s little more satisfying for a makeup artist than transforming your subject into someone – or something – else with nothing more than pigment and elbow grease.

Meet Tons Of New People

Whether you work with professional models and actors or a bride and her bridal party on the most important day of her life, the nature of the industry requires you to meet people and make lasting relationships. Of course you’ll be faced with difficult clients and maybe you won’t be able to please all of the people all of the time – it’s expected, but for every Grumpy Gus you’ll have five happy clients that will remind you why you got into this field in the first place.

Did We Mention You Can Travel?

A true artist goes where the work is, and freelance makeup artists are no exception. Most makeup artists will be asked to travel at least once over the course of their career, which means you may end up in cities and countries you never dreamed of seeing.

Make Someone Feel Beautiful

You already know about the magic of makeup or you wouldn’t be considering makeup artistry as a career, but the one most important reason you should use your powers for good: transforming a client’s face in a way they never believed possible. Models, movie stars, mothers – no matter their background, making someone feel good, inside and out, is worth more than a pay cheque..

Okay, we’ll admit it. The creative world is filled to the brim with talented folks wielding their brushes like wands but that doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a successful niche for yourself. Back up your god-given talent with certification from the Beauty Institute Canada. Beauty Institute Canada helps passionate beauty and team-2health providers hone their skills with a variety of diploma and certificate programs designed to prepare students for high – profile positions in the ever increasing and recession proof beauty and health fields. We endeavor to provide our graduates with the necessary skill level to become successful in their new careers. For more information about our diploma programs, workshops or financial aid options, please contact us!

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